How to Earn your Dopamine Shots

This is a great era for us to be living in. How much you fear about being lost out in the crowd. That FOMO hits you right in your mind huh?

Life is full of social events, procrastination 😪 , binge watching Netflix 🎥 , cry about work pressure, brag about the Gucci Belt your bought last week, complain about demanding customers, throw sarcastic jokes about your misery!

We’re constantly fighting an internal battle against our brain. You’ll never know which chemicals are you being shot with when you become aware of a particular emotion. It’s the magic of chemicals. Here are some of them.

The Dopamine shots you want

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the reward system. It makes you FEEL GOOD. It makes you do more of whatever you were doing, that injected dopamine shots into you. Eating, Playing Video Games, Sex, Binge Watching, Endless Youtube, Instagram Stories.. Infectious habits huh?

Someone accepts your friend request? Zap. you’re shot!

Ting.. your tweet got a like. Zap.. you’re shot!

Your get a new job. Zap.. you’re shot!

The PUN in the FUN

You need to find the right balance in having fun without getting distracted. You need to ensure you get rewarded when you’re delivering pizza in a rainy night, working on projects, washing dishes in the middle of the night, calling your boss early in the morning, picking up you kid when you have an urgent meeting in a short while.

Our desire to be more productive can turn forks and chopsticks towards us!

Noradrenaline — Your Police

These get fired when you are near your deadlines at work, when your wife calls you, “Hon, you forgot the grocery”, when you’re cat 😼 jumps on your keyboard for food 🐟 , when you’re about to get on a roller coaster. Remember that squirmy feeling in your tummy 😖 .. He He.. thats the Noradrenaline

The TEN minute productivity rule

Instead of waiting until the bell rings, and the fear grudges, plan ahead. Don’t wait for the last minute to complete your project. Gluing to Netflix all night, attending parties 🍷 , going out on dates when you’ve heaps of scheduled tasks left out, just for the FOMOs wont get you anywhere near success!

Create realistic deadlines to fire up your Noradrenaline at the right amount of time. Break your tasks from macro to micro level. Cover little at a time. No Pressure covering 10 minute tasks!

Acetylcholine — Your Saviour

This is helps you digest the food you eat, breathe, focus, learn and memorise stuffs you forget unconsciously, increasing or decreasing your heart rate when you get dopamine and noradrenaline shots.. Zap.. Zap.. Zap..

Try consuming lean meat or, beans if you’re into the vegan movement. Go for walks with your dog 🐕 , give your cat 😺 the attention she needs, go to your granny’s place, have fun on a roller coaster in a fair. Let those dopamine shots go Zap.. Zapp..

Trick yourself to Focus

Trick your limbs by talking yourself into getting started. Instead of focusing on the outcome, focus on the output. Avoid overthinking and over-planning. Use An Eisenhower Matrix to separate your urgent and important tasks.

If you use Notion, like me, here’s a deal for you. 👇

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Remember that your personal and professional lives are both equally important. Urgency doesn’t overrule the importance of tasks. You need to weed out your unnecessary habits that eat up your important time.

You’re brain functions involuntarily. Your synapses don’t take your consent before firing the reflexes, whose consequences you suffer in the following event, until that becomes something irritating about you and you start thinking. WHY did I do this..?

Reward shots.. Ain’t it! How about putting your phone away and focus on the task at hand, and reward yourself for a job well done!!

Who am i ? X from parallel universe 😬 | Founder and CTO at Zeer | Founder | Product Development Consultant at PAYDECK™| Founder Omnibuz Labs